First Beast


Darius: *Pacing the cave* My brothers, you have your orders. The enemy are out in numbers. @Rhage_BDB @Vishous_BDB @Murhder_BDB @Wrath_BDB

Wrath: @DariusBDB *nods and dematerializes* @Rhage_BDB @Vishous_BDB @Murhder_BDB

Rhage: *nodding at @DariusBDB, dematerializing with  @Vishous_BDB @Murhder_BDB @Wrath_BDB*

Vishous: @DariusBDB Let’s go @Rhage_BDB @Murhder_BDB @Wrath_BDB *dematerializing*

Murhder: *eyes following @DariusBDB as he paces,nodding and dematerializing with @Rhage_BDB @Vishous_BDB @Wrath_BDB*

Wrath: *Materializing in an empty field* @Rhage_BDB @DariusBDB @Vishous_BDB @Murhder_BDB

Vishous: *Materializing next to@Wrath_BDB* @DariusBDB @Rhage_BDB @Murhder_BDB

Rhage: *Landing in the empty field, skin crawling, worry filling me when I think of my newest addition and what it is capable of*

Darius: *Dematerializing on the heels of my brothers, near the location of the most recent sightings. The Lessening Society grows strong.*

Murhder: *materializing in the field, eyes scanning the area*

Wrath: *Looking @Rhage_BDB over. He is a big fucker. I hope he can stand the fighting. We need all the help we can get.*

Darius: *Landing solidly, eyes surveying the land. Inhaling deeply through my nostrils.*

Rhage: *Tingling in my nose picking up a sickly sweet smell on the wind* We have company@Wrath_BDB @Vishous_BDB @DariusBDB @Murhder_BDB

Murhder: @Rhage_BDB I’ll say we do.*Instincts jacking at the sweet, foul stench wafting in the air. @Wrath_BDB @Vishous_BDB @DariusBDB

RhagesBeast: *Locked tight within @Rhage_BDB…stored like fuel that needs a flame*

Darius: *Catching the foul, sickening stench of the enemy at@Rhage_BDB‘s alert. Switching direction, curling fingers around the hilt of my dagger.*

Murhder: *Unsheathing my dagger and calculating the positions of my brothers.*  @DariusBDB @Vishous_BDB @Rhage_BDB @Wrath_BDB

Vishous: *Gripping my dagger, ready for a fight* @Murhder_BDB @Wrath_BDB @DariusBDB *Time to see what @Rhage_BDB can do*

Darius: *Moving at a quicker clip in the direction of the scent, catching my first sight of the white and pasty in the grass.*

Rhage: *Unsheathing my dagger, angling my body in preparation, nodding at my brothers *

Wrath: *Inhaling deeply. That stench filling my nose. Getting ready for the battle*

Murhder: *jogging swiftly across the field, tracking the scent. My hand tightening around the hilt of my dagger. My body preparing to fight.*

Rhage: *Catching sight of a lesser creeping on to the field, rushing forward, leaving @Wrath_BDB@Murhder_BDB@DariusBDB and@Vishous_BDB behind*

Vishous: *Taking off after @Rhage_BDB, daggers ready* @Wrath_BDB @Murhder_BDB @DariusBDB

Darius: *Taking off after the younger, sharper eyes of @Rhage_BDB catch what we’re here for.* @Wrath_BDB @Murhder_BDB @Vishous_BDB

Murhder: *Breaking into a run after @Rhage_BDB and catching sight of more white and pasty’s charging in.* They brought some friends.

Wrath: *Running towards the first lesser I see. Throwing my shiruken, watching it sink into his chest*

Rhage: @Murhder_BDB How nice for you, this one’s mine *planting my dagger straight through the lessers’ chest, watching with satisfaction as he drops*

Darius: *Coming up to the first of the enemy in my direct path, pulling out my dagger swiftly, the lesser leveling a right hook at my jaw*

RhagesBeast: *Hungry…and waiting. Always waiting.*

Darius: *The lesser catching wind as I duck, slamming my dagger just below his sternum*

Rhage: *Skin tight with worry, feeling @RhagesBeast uncoil along my spine, recalling vividly the pain and horror of him breaking free*

Murhder: *chuckling* @Rhage_BDB And this one’s mine, brother. *flinging my dagger with careful precision, nailing the lesser in the chest*

Vishous: *Taking the lesser down in the first hit. He much be a new inductee, his hair is still brown. Stabbing the fucker in the chest.*

Darius: *Satisfied as he stumbles back, but ready to see the light. Launching myself at the wounded soldier, taking him to dirt.*

Wrath: *Punching the lesser in the face as he reaches down to pull the shiruken out of his leg. Taking a hit to the jaw. *

Darius: *Burying my dagger in the sweet spot to a satisfying pop. Twisting it handily.*

Rhage: *Catching another lesser by the arm, snapping his shoulder from the socket, planting my boot against his chest, to aid his fall*

Murhder: *charging towards the pop and flash, retrieving my dagger, black blood oozing down the blade.*

Darius: *Turning about, scanning the scene. More of the enemy filling the field.*

Rhage: *Raising my dagger to bury it with a twist, missing the lessers’ own blade as it slices across my stomach*

Rhage: *Pain mixing with a deep sense of fear,feeling the breaking and shifting beneath my skin,vision fading,roaring in my ears, control slipping*

Murhder: *Not bothering to wipe my blade off, catching the sight and smell of incoming lessers.*

RhagesBeast: *The invasion of pain enraging. Tearing, launching from@Rhage_BDB with a resounding ROAR*

RhagesBeast: *Throwing head back in pain as my body takes on its full size…jerking it from side to side. ROARING in anguish…and ANGER*

Vishous: *Seeing a bright flash of light coming from @Rhage_BDB* What the fuck!  @Wrath_BDB @DariusBDB @Murhder_BDB

Darius: He emerges RT @RhagesBeast *The invasion of pain enraging. Tearing, launching from @Rhage_BDB with a resounding ROAR*

Darius: *Unable to peel my eyes away, but backing up, before hitting the ground a safe distance from @RhagesBeast*

Wrath: *Seeing a full grown beast standing where @Rhage_BDB was. Coming to a dead stop*

Murhder: *Seeing the blinding white light coming from @Rhage_BDB* Fuck. *looking over at @DariusBDB* He emerges? What the fuck!

RhagesBeast: *Lurching left…keen eyes looking for the source of pain. Dropping head close to @Vishous_BDB….a low hungry growl slithering around him*

RhagesBeast: *Snorting, dragging my body forward in loping steps. Tail swinging out in search of what will ease me.*

Wrath: *Getting the fuck out of @RhagesBeast line of sight*

RhagesBeast: *Catching thew scent I am after. Neck launching forward, jaw thrown wide open and snapping the pale figure from the ground.*

Vishous: @RhagesBeast Alright, brother. I know you are in there. Come on@Rhage_BDB. *Looking you in the eye*

Murhder: *Moving backwards, keeping @RhagesBeast in my line of sight and getting out of his.* @DariusBDB @Rhage_BDB @Vishous_BDB

RhagesBeast: *Tossing my head back, the struggling body in my mouth sliding further down my throat. Waving my head wildly*

Darius: *Swallowing hard at the sight of @RhagesBeast devouring the enemy in a single snap, wishing to wave @Vishous_BDB away*

RhagesBeast: *Bending low to @Vishous_BDB, legs of the lesser protruding from my teeth. Crunching…swallowing.*

RhagesBeast: *Jerking head toward @DariusBDB…lunging forward. A trickle of smoke rolling from the sides of my gaping jaws*

Vishous: @RhagesBeast *Getting closer* @Rhage_BDB, fun time is over, true? Come on back. *Hoping this thing doesn’t eat me*

Murdher: @Vishous_BDB @RhagesBeast is looking at you as if you are next, brother. *keeping my distance* @Rhage_BDB @DariusBDB @Wrath_BDB

RhagesBeast: *Flipping head back to @Vishous_BDB. Throwing head back and spewing flames at his feet…taking another step to him*

Wrath: *Staring @RhageBeast. A powerful weapon if @Rhage_BDB can control it. A fucking death wish if he can’t.*

Vishous: @RhagesBeast *Getting you away from @DariusBDB* Look *points at the frozen in shock lessers* Dinner. Have at it. *Backs away. Slowly.*

Darius: *Letting out the breath I’ve been holding as @Vishous_BDB continues to attract @RhagesBeast‘s attention, shaking my head*

RhagesBeast: *Blowing steamed breath from flared nostrils@Vishous_BDB…lunging into the lessers. Tail launching one while ripping apart another.*

Wrath: *Relieved @Vishous_BDB did not just get his dumbass eaten* @Vishous_BDB getcha ass out of there. For fucks sake.

RhagesBeast: *Claws sinking into flesh. Black liquid flying. Teeth gnashing and tearing.*

Murhder: *watching @Vishous_BDB back away as @RhagesBeast tears the lessers aparty, black blood splattering* @Wrath_BDB @DariusBDB @Rhage_BDB

RhagesBeast: *No amount of skin and bone sating me. Tearing into each pale body as I catch it…one after another*

RhagesBeast: *Sides heaving with exertion and adrenaline. Looking for more…*

Vishous: *Standing out of sight, lighting up a hand rolled*

Darius: *The scene before me savage, @RhagesBeast an unrivaled weapon, but what of my brother @Rhage_BDB?*

RhagesBeast: *Turning in a slow circle, bones and remnants of limbs beneath me. Nailing @DariusBDB @Vishous_BDB @Murhder_BDB @Wrath_BDB with feral gaze*

Vishous: *Staring, wondering what the fuck just happened to @Rhage_BDB*

Murhder: *Gaze meeting the deadly stare of @RhagesBeast. Backing up even further, parting away from my brothers, stunned.*

RhagesBeast: *Dropping heavily to the ground, the long scaled tail wrapping around me. Breath coming out in steamed puffs.*

Wrath: *Looking around at my brother. No one is moving any closer to @RhageBeast.*  @Vishous_BDB @Murhder_BDB @DariusBDB

Rhage: *Feeling the hard ground beneath me, body broken and cold, shivering, curling in to myself*

Darius: *Bursting upright as @Rhage_BDB appears, bolting towards him as he goes into a fetal position*

Rhage: *Vision blurred, scanning the field for @DariusBDB @Wrath_BDB @Murhder_BDB @Vishous_BDB , panic setting in when I find nothing but bones*

Darius: *Crouching low next to @Rhage_BDB, still in shock from what just transpired*

Rhage: *Trying to raise my head, sharp pain radiating through me, a, taking note of @DariusBDB beside me, relief coursing nailing me thoroughly*

Vishous: *Walking over to @Rhage_BDB, his thoughts in my head* We are all good, brother. We are all unharmed. @Wrath_BDB @DariusBDB @Murhder_BDB

Wrath: *Walking over to @Rhage_BDB. He is shivering and weak but unharmed*

Murhder: *moving in a step closer and stopping far enough back, watching @Vishous_BDB and @DariusBDB kneel at @Rhage_BDB side*

Rhage: *@Vishous_BDB ‘s voice filling my ears, eyes closing, breathing hard, each small movement sending pain echoing through me*

Darius: *Watching the deep shiver of @Rhage_BDB, stripping my shirt off my back.. @Vishous_BDB offering comforting words.* He needs warmth.

Wrath: *Taking my jacket off and putting it over @Rhage_BDB*

Rhage: *The brush of fabric against my body, raising goosebumps on my skin, curling tighter into myself* c-c-cold

Darius: *Thinking. Needing coverage, needing to get away.* @Rhage_BDB, are you strong enough to dematerialize? *Fearing I know the answer.*

Rhage: *The pain overwhelming me, body giving out, passing out on the field*

Wrath: We will take care of you, brother. @Rhage_BDB

Murhder: *watching my brothers give @Rhage_BDB their shirts and jackets, pulling my own coat tighter around my shock-chilled body.*

Darius: *Watching @Rhage_BDB pass out.* I will stay here.@Vishous_BDB, find transport. Fast.

Darius: *No clue as how to aid my brother in recovery. He will need to feed, a given.*

Vishous: @DariusBDB *nods and dematerializes* @Rhage_BDB @Wrath_BDB @Murhder_BDB #vampire

Darius: *The battle against the enemy handily won, but at what cost to @Rhage_BDB?* #BDB #vampire #Flashback

Wrath: @DaruisBDB I will assist @Vishous_BDB@Murhder_BDB @Rhage_BDB #BDB

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