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My name is John Matthew, and I used to be lost, a boy without parents or any path to speak of.  That was before Tohrment, a warrior of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, and his shellan, Wellsie, found me and brought me into their home. My world changed when I discovered I was like them, a pre-transition vampire, brother to the Queen of our race, son to Darius of Marklon. For the first time I knew unconditional love.

Then my happy life was hijacked. Wellsie was gunned down in cold blood, and Tohr returned with the angel Lassiter, who seems to annoy the crap out of most everyone here. I’m just glad to have my father back, and the more time that passes, the more it seems we’ve done this before. We’ve been here before. Our bond was forever sealed the day I stood at his side during Wellsie’s Fade ceremony.

After my transition my friend Qhuinn saved me from unspeakable brutality, costing him his own freedom, almost.  Before he was inducted into the Black Dagger Brotherhood, he served as my Ahstrux Nohtrum, my personal guard, a position he was appointed to by the King himself.  When the raids started, Blay moved into the Brotherhood compound, while his parents escaped to their safe house.  Wrath invited us to fight with the brotherhood.

Life wasn’t really complete until I met my female, Xhex. Half symphath, half vampire and the blood that tears through my veins, she brought it all into focus for me and everything realigned. I’ll fight to the death to protect her, even if she won’t let me.  We’ve had our issues lately, but some shit you just can’t fight. Like destiny.


  1. Hey John! How was your transition? How are you and Xhex doing? I am so happy you two are together! I hope all is well and things are going good! Love to the whole Brotherhood!

    1. The transition was rough and not just the physical but the getting used to it afterward. *Smiling about Xhex* We’re good. Damn good.

    1. *shakes head* No, my voice didn’t come with the height, or muscles.

      *grins* Everything else is functioning though.

      1. -Nods.- Glad to hear it. Congrats on the transition and Xhex. -Smiles.- I imagine she is a fine woman.

      2. *feeling a rumble in my chest at the mention of Xhex* She is an incredible female, my shellan.

  2. Congrats. But I have a few more questions. What is Zsadist like? Who is Lassiter? And um what happened to that bastard Lash? Did you kill him? I would have. -Laughs loudly, letting his deep bass voice echo.-

    1. Zsadist is a bad ass warrior and an incredible father to Nalla, hellren to Bella. He’s taught me a lot…

      *growls, shifting, thinking of that fucker @Lash_BDB and what he put Xhex through* Yeah, Lash got his.

      1. Wow, I didn’t know that Z had child…Wait yes I did. Damn the Goose is getting to me lol. And um… -Clears his throat.- …sorry I brought up a swore subject with ya know “the fucker”.

  3. Hahaha cool. Well can I ask one kinda personal question. It’s about a someone. And before you think I’ma ask something bout Xhex and get mad, don’t its about Tohr…

      1. Did he ever come back? I mean he was like a father to you right? Well did he come back and start being a father for you?

  4. Hey J Man,
    great to know your on here and all is well and you made it through your transition even bigger and still as good looking as ever just wanna say that I think you and your Shellan are amazing and the ink you have on your back sounds amazing, I’ve got 7 of them myself but yours spoke to me. I’ve recently had young and considering having his name on me somewhere would you think that was tacky?
    You stay strong and keep on loving that wonderful shellan Xhex she’s on wonderful lady you were made for each other true!

    1. Thank you, female. I am a lucky man to have Xhex, true.

      I think if you feel strongly enough to indelibly print a name on your flesh, it should be, as in your case, tribute. I don’t find it tacky in the slightest

      *shakes head*

      We all pay tribute to those we love in our own ways. *grins*

  5. Hey J Man! I think Quinn should come up with a new dictionary and put words in it about you and the brotherhood, like BDB isms, like Gigundus, speaking of you from Quinn, and so on. What think you?

    1. *laughs* I hardly think he would be up for that about now. *worries for my friend* He is on a different path right now. Maybe you can start it and he can pick up where you leave off when he’s in a better frame of mind? *hopes something gets through his thick skull soon*

  6. Maybe being with Xhex will help you get your voice! I know there were a few times in Lover Mine that i thought your voice was going to pop out. With or without a voice your still a good man and i am happy for you and Xhex *smiles*

    1. I’ve got all I need by my side. *grins* I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to verbalize it, but I am as whole as I am ever going to get since mating Xhex.

  7. thats supposed to be do you *know* your relation to Darius and Beth yet? My hands are faster than my brain *laughs*

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