Rehvenge, Son of Rempoon




Some may think me a criminal. The drugs…the whores…the shady deals.  All of it’s true.  I hide from no one.  I WANT you to think the worst of me!  Every foul crime, every heinous rumor…lay them at my door.  Because more than likely I am guilty of it.  My loyalty to the Brotherhood is always in question.  Please, by all means, continue to question it.  *traces one long finger over a photograph of Bella*  There are reasons for my actions and purpose behind my ventures.  None of which are anyone’s damn business but my own. *setting the frame aside and standing…gathering the sable coat around me with one hand and grasping the cane with the other…leaving with the shuttered expression firmly in place*



  1. Rehv, I love everything you do, and what you stand for. I understand the pain you go through to protect your family and friends. Good man through and through, true?

      1. -Smiling a smile sadistically, my eyes show the insanity that burns in my soul.- You name the price and I’ll pay in full. Reverend.

  2. Rehv I NEED someone like you…please tell what am I to do to earn your time…I swear I’ll do anything *gazes up at you seductively thru the tops of my lashes as a enticing smiles over comes my lips* anything.

    1. You need a pimp and drug lord in your life? *bows over cane* Well, I am all about accommodation.

  3. Hello Reverend! How did you acquire the cane you use that has the sword inside of it? That is very sexy there big guy 🙂

    1. Good. *nods* Then my reputation has proceeded me and all is right in my debauched corner of this city. *smirks*

  4. God forbid (I’m not saying ‘Scribe Virgin forbid’ because shes not all attuned to the race anymore) what would happen if the U.S. Government learned of your existence? What if, they already knew of you but have no clearance or whatever to so much as take a thorough look into your activities. To know of a vampire/sympath race living in secrecy amongst humans would alarm them significantly. I would imagine that they would only take interest if there were several disappearances. But knowing there wouldn’t be much to look at they would have no reason to look but….IF they did, what would you do as the Sympath King to ensure the safety of your race, your people?

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