Daddy’s Carving


Bella: *Smiling at @Zsadist_BDB as he picks @Nalla_BDB up.*

Z: *Smiling at my female, kissing @BellaR_BDB on the forehead* It will be over before you know it.

Bella: *Shaking my head @Zsadist_BDB* I doubt that, but I know this is important to you. And I love you for doing it.

Z: Anything for my girls, @BellaR_BDB. You two are my life. Just want to make sure everyone knows it.

Z: *Pulling @Nalla_BDB into my chest, patting her little bottom as she cuddles in closer in her sleep*

Bella: *Taking @Zsadist_BDB’s hand* Let’s get this going, hellren mine. *Walking to the door with my family.*

Z: *Walking down the stairs. The rest of the house waiting for us in the foyer. @Wrath_BDB standing on the apple tree mosaic*

Z: * @John_MatthewBDB looking like a young @DariusBDB, his boys flanking his sides as normal*

Z: * @Torhment_BDB stands behind everyone else. Pain haunting his eyes but he is here to show his support*

Z: *Which means more to me than anything else could*

Z: *Nodding to my brothers. Humbled that they honor my family in this way*

Z: *Walking up to the middle of the circle. My family surrounding me. Handing @Nalla_BDB to @BellaR_BDB*

Bella: *Taking @Nalla_BDB, kissing @Zsadist_BDB* I love you. *Stepping back to stand with the other shellans.*

Mary: *Smiling brightly at @Zsadist_BDB, so proud of how far he has come. Stepping in next to @BellaR_BDB.*

Beth: *Standing with @CormiaC_BDB, @DocJaneW_BDB, and @MarissaH_BDB around @BellaR_BDB*

Cormia: *Offering @BellaR_BDB my support, along with @DocJaneW_BDB, @MarissaH_BDB, and @BethR_BDB*

Jane:  *Standing surrounded by the other strong women in this family, feeling an unspoken bond with them all*

Fritz: *Coming forward with a pitcher and bowl of salt.*

Wrath: *Stepping forward, addressing the room* We are all here to honor the newest member of our family, @Nalla_BDB.

Wrath: @Zsadist_BDB Step forward my brother.

Z:*Stepping towards @Wrath_BDB, removing my robe, and kneeling down*

Wrath: @Zsadist_BDB What is the name of your young?

Z: *Bracing for the pain, pride in my family driving me* @Wrath_BDB Her name is Nalla.

Wrath: *Carving the letter N in the old language into @Zsadist_BDB’s back, under his shellan’s name*

Wrath: *Stepping back, nodding to @Phury_BDB*

Phury: *Stepping toward @Zsadist_BDB, trying to keep the emotion out of my voice* What is the name of your young, twin mine?

Z: *Hearing everything in my twin’s voice. The pride. The love. The feeling that we are finally where we are supposed to be*

Z: @Phury_BDB Her name is Nalla. *feeling more than I ever thought possible*

Tohr: *Bracing myself with every cut. The loss of my own young.. my own.. *

Tohr: *Not going there. Not now*

Phury: *Carving the A with a steady hand, fighting the emotion from showing…stepping back to stand next to @CormiaC_BDB. Taking her hand*

V: *Stepping forward, the sense of family in the air overcoming even me* @Zsadist_BDB What is the name of your young?

Z: *Clearing my throat* @Vishous_BDB Her name is Nalla.

V: *Carving the L in the old language, stepping back to stand with @DocJaneW_BDB*

Butch: *Smiling at @MarissaH_BDB before stepping forward* @Zsadist_BDB What is the name of your young?

Z: @Butch_BDB Her name is Nalla. *the pain nothing, not when compared to what I have been blessed with*

Butch: *Carving the L into @Zsadist_BDB’s back. Thankful @Vishous_BDB made me perfect the letters*

JM: *Looking over at @Torhment_BDB, pain is all over his face. The family he lost. The name he will never carve*

JM: *Wanting more than anything to ease that pain. But nothing ever will. At least he is here. Maybe he has given up wanting to die*

JM: *Maybe*

Rhage: *Stepping forward, taking my dagger out when @Butch_BDB is done* @Zsadist_BDB What is the name of your young?

Z: *Looking up at daughter mine, so peaceful asleep with her mahmen. Pride in my voice* @Rhage_BDB Nalla.

Bella: *Smiling at my hellren. He takes the pain so well to honor his daughter.*

Rhage: *Carving the last letter, then stepping back and wrapping one arm around my @MaryL_BDB*

Mary: *taking in a deep breath, fingers moving to @Rhage_BDB’s, linking us together, the happiness on BellaR_BDB’s face tangible*

Fritz: *Pouring the water into the bowl of salt, handing it to Master @Wrath_BDB*

Beth: *Taking @BellaR_BDB’s hand, all of us bracing for what happens next*

Wrath: *Taking the bowl of salt water from @Fritzdoggen_BDB, pouring it down @Zsadist_BDB‘s back.*

Z: *Hissing, muscles twitching as the water hits my back and the salt seals in my daughter’s name*

Wrath: *Taking the white cloth out of the lacquer box, drying @Zsadist_BDB‘s wounds, rolling the cloth up and placing it back in the box*

Wrath: Rise my brother, @Zsadist_BDB, and give this box to your shellan so she will know you are worthy of your young.

Bella: *Passing a peaceful, sleeping @Nalla_BDB to @CormiaC_BDB.*

Cormia: *Cradling @Nalla_BDB tight to my chest while she still sleeps, knowing someday she will understand how important this night was.*

Z: *Bowing, taking the box from @Wrath_BDB, handing it to @BellaR_BDB*

Bella: *Taking the box and holding it close to my heart. Everything this carving means overwhelming me*

Z: *Wrapping my arms around my shellan. My heart. My soul* @BellaR_BDB Please don’t cry. It’s over now.

Bella: *Laughing while crying* @Zsadist_BDB I know. I am just so proud of you. I love you. *thinking back to when he wrote me that said I love you*

Nalla: *Waking up, holding my arms out to my daddy, Cooing*

Wrath: *Clapping my hands, smiling @Nalla_BDB*  To the Young!

Jane:  *Joy radiating out into the room, squeezing @Vishous_BDB’s arm as I join in the cheering.* To @Nalla_BDB!

V: *Cheering loudly* To the Young!

Butch: *keeping @MarissaH_BDB tight to my side, so proud of my Brother and his family* To the young!

Marissa: *smiling, leaning against @Butch_BDB as he pulls me close, cheering with the others* To the young!

Zsadist:  *Picking @Nalla_BDB up and cradling her on my shoulder. Dipping my head, while pulling @BellaR_BDB closer to me* To my heart and my world.
Beth: *looking over @Wrath_BDB, my eyes welling with tears at this blessed moment in our home, clapping in celebration*

Tohr: *Glad for the cheering that covers the sob that escapes me. The pain overwhelming my joy for my brother*

JM: *Gripping @Tohrment_BDB’s arm tightly, holding him up, hoping my strength feeds his own, the strength he doesn’t see but I know he has*

Tohr: *Letting @John_MatthewBDB lead me to my room. Patting @Zsadist_BDB on the shoulder as I pass* I am proud of you, Z *Walking away while I can*

JM: *Nodding @Zsadist_BDB as I walk by, grinning. Turning my focus back to @Tohrment_BDB. Wishing I could take these steps for him*#BDB

Wrath: *Pulling @BethR_BDB close, knowing that if it wasn’t for her our “family” wouldn’t be as it is tonight.*

Fritz:  *Basking in what is such a memorable eve.  @DariusBDB would have been so proud to see what was once just a dream come to life* #BDB #Doggen

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