The Omega




I am evil incarnate, a swirling mist of malice with only one real purpose – to destroy the Black Dagger Brotherhood. They get in my way, keeping me from extinguishing the filthy species of animal that my sister, the Scribe Virgin, created.

They say my sister received the power of creation while I didn’t, and that I’m jealous of her because of that. That’s not exactly accurate. My sister received the power to create ONCE. One act of creation that she wasted creating the parasites she did. I have the power to create through destruction, to give life by taking it. I am not jealous of my sister. I got the better deal.

My creations, if you will, my lessers, do my bidding, fighting and killing the vermin walking the planet. They are my soldiers, my minions. They are easy to recognize, by sight and by smell. Stay out of their way, humans. They will go through you to get to the vampires if they must.


  1. I hope the BDB kills every last lesser and nails your ass good. You MFN asshole!!!!
    I.m human and I’m not scared of you or your stupid puppets!!!

  2. Maybe I should turn you into one of said puppets since you seem to not have fear of me or the process.

    Oh. But wait. You’re just a worthless female. Nevermind then.

  3. Yeah, whatever….
    This worthless female will kick your ass!! You’ll go running back to your father, screaming for help!!
    Abd believe me, only he can help you!

    1. *laughing* Thank you for the great belly laugh at the end of my evening. That’s an extremely funny sentiment coming from someone who isn’t even bulletproof.

  4. Oh, I don’t need to be bulletproof to take you on!!
    You should know the saying.. “He who has the last laugh..”
    Or is that too human for you?

  5. The “Omega” is nothing but a sick child, who plays games. He has no real power. He can’t even keep a Forelesser in play for 2 weeks. He is a pathetic worm. Wait no worms have hearts, the “Omega” does not. And soon he will have nothing.

    1. There is so much in this that makes me laugh that I don’t know if I should be offended or if I should thank you. I think I’ll go with thank you.

      You humans are very smug and self righteous for all the more durable you are. It’s quite cute.

      1. Well “Omega” I do have one question for you. How does it feel to have your life force being pulled away by the person you tried to screw over? I mean seriously, Putting yourself in Butch? You really are a moron.

  6. Though I really dislike you I won’t say the word hate. Sadly. Cause I enjoy your creations even though they murder the good which the Virgin brought unto the world and you only made the lessers out of envy I understand this. I still don’t understand why you have sex with nasty blobs of black creatures.. which is sickening.. But still. Heh.
    *chuckles* You are still enjoyable in a way. Just know though. I still can’t wait for your demise. *smiles showing fangs*

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