Blooded daughter of Relix, mated of Tohrment, borne son of Hharm. Lost to the war with the Lessening Society. Passed unto the Fade with her young in womb.

Beloved shellan, mahmen, daughter, friend. A female of true and unfailing worth, who served on the Princeps council and was recently appointed in the revival of our traditions per decree of Wrath, our King.

She is survived by her hellren, Tohrment, of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, and the youth that had come into their care, John Matthew.

With her young forever more.



  1. a big hello from germany…I’m happy for you to have found true love and being pregnant…being a mother myself,I can say,it’s such a glorious moment,when you hold your young for the first time..all the first times seem like a miracle…good luck for your little family…
    love Nicole

    1. Thank you for your good wishes. I’m so very excited! I’m sure it will be a most wonderful moment when I hold our young for the first time. *smiles* It will also take a great worry off of Tohr.

      Best wishes to you and your family!

  2. I believe that Tohr will worry about you and about the young all the time..and thats ok…you worry aswell all the time,don’t you…I think it what love is all about…caring for each other… *smiles*

    1. *smiles* I believe you are right…it is all part of loving someone. Yes, Tohr will worry every moment until the young arrives, just as I will worry about him each night when he goes out to fight.

  3. *sobs* RIP wellsie. u were very loved and will be missed forever. u will live on in our hearts. we will look up 2 u for guidance and rest a sure, we will be here to help your beloved Tohrment through his loss. RIP *cries*

  4. Wellsie you were the original Shellan, the one who taught us what it was to love a Warrior heart and soul. You are an irreplaceable part of the Brotherhood world and will forever be missed. #wellsie4ever

  5. I never had the opportunity to speak with you, but i did follow your SL. I can’t believe your gone. You will be missed and forever loved. You truly were the Ultimate Shellan. Thank You for letting us into your life. I will miss you terribly.

  6. Wellesandra you were a female of worth! Forever in our hearts and now in the Fade. I prey to the Scribe Virgin that you are now holding your young. Be well and good journey!

  7. Wellsie, you were such a remarkable person, inside and out. You will be missed. RIP.

  8. My heart breaks for Tohrment, John Matthew, and all who loved Wellesandra. That she was the victim of a lesser rubs salt in a wound that will never heal.

  9. I am sitting here reading this message with tears running down my cheeks. The greatest love stories are great because they touch us in ways we don’t understand. They become epic and leave an imprint because of the tenderness and passion. Unfortunately they are epic love stories because someone always gets left behind. Wellsie, I will miss you so much, reading the moments you shared with Tohr, they gave me a warm fuzzy feeling. What saddeneds me terribly if that you both did not have the chance to hold your baby in your arms. *wipes tears* I hope wherever you are their is warmth on your face and wind in your hair. RIP.

    “Flew to close to the Sun, but Lives on Always…”

    Much love
    Chasity In Chains

  10. Dear sweet and lovely, female, shellan, soon-to-be-mother, adobted mother and friend.
    Nothing hurts more dearly then loosing someone you love so soon in life. Heart goes out to Tohrment and John Matthew. The loss of such a female and the young she carried is more devastating than words can express. You have my condolences and my time have you need of it.

  11. They say in Fae that death isn’t the end, that it’s only the beginning of something else. My heart bleeds for the loss, but deep down knows it’s only another beginning. Blessed Be. Stop the clocks & cover the mirrors. *kneals in respect*

  12. Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,
    Love leaves a memory no one can steal.

    RIP Wellsie, a true female of worth!

  13. Wellsie, you were beloved by all who knew you.
    You opened your heart to all that needed you, giving a place of comfort and support to the young pretans that needed you.
    May you rest in the Fade with your new tough safely and peacefully.

    Alyssa Ann

  14. To live in hearts we leave behind
    Is not to die.
    ~ Thomas Campbell, “Hallowed Ground”

  15. There are no words to describe the gravity of the loss of such an amazing, wonderful person. Wellsie, you always seemed like the bright spot in the stories. The way you took to John the moment you met always hit me right in the heart.

    It is easy to see by the outpouring here what a wonderful light you brought to the sometimes darker world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. The way you were taken was so unimaginably tragic that I wasn’t sure I could continue to struggle through the pages that built the world you were a part of, the one that sprung to reality and interlaced with our own here on Twitter.

    Your loss comes in unison with the memory of one of my own and for your loved ones that are left behind I still don’t have the right words.

    I hope you know that you have left a deep impression in this world and I will always miss the bright smile I came to look forward to seeing in my Twitter feed.

  16. To be blunt, this loss hurts like hell. I’ve lost a friend. I will miss Wellsie deeply. I’m too upset and hurt to say anything more.

    1. Totally agree. We have lost a great friend. The pain is too much. What will we do without u wellsie? *cries* and don’t get me going on how much my heart bleeds for Tohr. Just can’t handle all this. *cries harder*

  17. Wellsie was a wonderful person to speak with. Always interested and caring. You will be greatly missed by many.

  18. There are no words to express my sorrow over this loss!! My thoughts are with all the brothers as they struggle with this each in their own way, especially Torhment and John Matthew. my your precious memories of good times keep you comapny until you are reunited in the fade!! RIP Wellsie 😦

    1. as i have said time and time again, you my Twin, have taken words from my mouth and heart. i want to add, to the brothers especially to torh and john, GOD is here for ALL living beings who are true to heart. lean on Him.

  19. I just don’t have to words to express my sorrow over Wellsie’s loss. Her being with young makes it even worse. All of you are in my thoughts and prayers. I love you all. RIP Wellsie!

  20. Wesslie will be missed but not forgotten by those who love her. She will be remembered in our hearts forever.

  21. What a terrible tragic loss. I’m so sorry for your loss and pain. The world lost a wonderful caring female you all have my prayers

  22. There are no words to describe the gravity of the loss of such an amazing, wonderful person. My thoughts are with all the brothers as they struggle with this each in their own way, especially Torhment and John Matthew

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