Good Cop/Bad Cop




Butch: *Driving with @JoseTheCop_BDB on our way to checking out a possible location of a perp we’ve been hunting for weeks.*

Butch: *We’ve been afraid this case was going cold, but I’m not going to let happen. I’m going to find this bastard, no matter what.*

Butch: *Flicking a cigarette butt out the window, immediately lighting another. Cases like this always get deep in my head.*

Butch: *Running through the file again mentally, knowing it by heart after combing through it over and over.*

Butch: *Fifteen year old girl, grabbed from the front of her house, found a week later behind a club. We needed dental records to identify her.*

Butch: *She’d been brutalized. Tortured. Murdered. Defiled.*

Butch: *Clenching my fists in rage. What was done to that little girl… remembering someone else who had the same thing done to her… a girl I knew.*

Butch: *My sister. My Janie. The event that changed my entire life.*

Jose: *Taking my eyes off the road, looking over at @Butch_BDB, his stare locked out the window on nothing in particular.*

Jose: *I’ve seen that look in his eyes before and it never ends well.* @Butch_BDB? Yo, O’Neal, you here with me?

Butch: *Not even remotely, I’m back in Southie* @JoseTheCop_BDB Yeah, I’m doing just fine.

Jose: @Butch_BDB Then why is that cigarette nothing but ash in your fingers?

Butch: Fuck. *finally feeling the sting on my skin, brushing it off. I hadn’t even taken one drag on that one* @JoseTheCop_BDB

Butch: @JoseTheCop_BDB Would you drive a little faster? I’d like to actually catch this fucker.

Jose: @Butch_BDB I’d tell you to get out of the car and get rush hour traffic moving, but I know you’d actually do it. With a firearm.

Butch: *lighting up again, ignoring @JoseTheCop_BDB’s comment* Yeah, well, I just don’t want him to get away again.

Jose: @Butch_BDB No one does. And we’ll catch him. He’ll see justice for what he did.

Butch: *Nodding @JoseTheCop_BDB so he thinks I’m still part of this conversation.*

Butch: *If I have my way, he’ll never see a day behind bars. His prison will be six feet under.*

Jose: *Pulling up in front of the abandoned apartment building where the suspect has been reported to be squatting.*

Jose: @Butch_BDB Building was condemned months ago. Ten stories. How do you want to split this up?

Butch: @JoseTheCop_BDB I’ll start at the bottom, you at the top. We’ll meet in the middle.

Jose: @Butch_BDB Oh sure, make me climb all those stairs. You know there’s no elevator.

Butch: @JoseTheCop_BDB Yeah well, I’m a chain smoker. And you’re concerned for my health.

Jose: @Butch_BDB Someone has to be.

Butch: @JoseTheCop_BDB Enough of the wife routine, let’s head in.

Jose: *popping the door, stepping out from behind the wheel* @Butch_BDB Fine. I’ll take the top and we’ll meet somewhere in between. And O’Neal?

Butch: *already at the boarded up door, ripping planks off* @JoseTheCop_BDB What?

Jose: @Butch_BDB Let’s use proper police procedure on this one. You don’t need the captain on your ass again for brutality.

Butch: @JoseTheCop_BDB “Alleged” brutality. *getting into the lobby* Charges were dropped, remember?

Jose: @Butch_BDB Call it what you want, but I saw what you did. Don’t let your personal shit into this.

Butch: *under my breath* How can I not?

Jose: *starting my ascent up the stairs, turning back* @Butch_BDB What?

Butch: @JoseTheCop_BDB Nothing. Just said watch out. You know, be safe.

Jose: *not believing a word of the bullshit spewing from his mouth* @Butch_BDB Sure thing, partner. Watch out for yourself.

Butch: *Listening to @JoseTheCop_BDB climb the creaky stairs, starting my search of the first floor. Flashlight illuminating dark corners*

Butch: *After scanning every room, heading up to the next floor. Still clear. Shit. If this tip turns out dry, I don’t know what I’ll do.*

Butch: *Checking my watch, wondering if we’ll be out of here in time to catch Abby at the end of her shift.*

Butch: *I’ll need a little release if we turn up empty handed. And Abby’s one girl who won’t question the dead look in my eyes.*

Butch: *Likely because the same one exists in hers.*

Butch: *Stopping abruptly, hearing footsteps directly above me. It’s too close to be @JoseTheCop_BDB, has to be the asshole we’re looking for.*

Butch: *Climbing the flight of stairs quickly but quietly, not wanting to give my position away yet.*

Butch: *Checking apartments left and right, trying to find exactly where the noise came from. Hearing a noise at the end of the hall.*

Butch: *Creeping up slowly, stopping where the noise is coming from. Listening quietly outside the door, sounds like someone walking around.*

Butch: *Done with the patience bullshit, stepping back, kicking the door open. Seeing a guy drop a spoon and lighter, obviously about to shoot up.*

Butch: *Identifying myself as CPD, he takes off running. Going after him, tackling him to the ground, getting a good look at his face.*

Butch: *He matches the description an eye witness to the kidnapping gave us perfectly. This has to be him.*

Butch: *Questioning him to see what he knows but he’s too strung out to answer. Smashing his head into the floor, hoping to jog his memory.*

Butch: *My mind leaves the present and goes to the past. This guy is no longer the perp I’m looking for, but the little shits who stole Janie.*

Butch: *Completely losing it, wailing on his face, feeling bones snap beneath my fingers, teeth flying out of his mouth, blood pouring.*

Butch: *Getting off of him, breaking every finger, every bone in his hand for touching my sister like that. Desecrating her body.*

Butch: *Dropping a knee to his ribs, hearing him wheeze for air, either from a punctured lung or the sheer amount of blood coming from his lips.*

Jose: *Not finding anything upstairs, heading downstairs to meet up with @Butch_BDB, hearing the sounds of a struggle.*

Jose: *Shit, if @Butch_BDB found the suspect first in the state he’s in he’s likely to kill the guy. We don’t even know for sure if he’s the one we want.*

Jose: *Racing to the source of the fight, coming into an apartment where @Butch_BDB is pounding on a man’s face, anger distorting his features.*

Jose: *@Butch_BDB is screaming at the guy, asking questions about a girl named Janie. Except that isn’t our victim’s name.*

Jose: *Coming up on @Butch_BDB, screaming at him, trying to get his attention. If I touch him now, he’s likely to go after me.*

Jose: *He doesn’t respond to my voice, forcing me to get physical with him. Grabbing him from behind, wrapping my arms around his chest.*

Jose: *Needing to get him off the suspect before he kills the guy.*

Butch: *Feeling someone grab me, fighting back, not willing to let the prick who killed my sister get away again.* @JoseTheCop_BDB

Jose: *Getting an elbow to the temple, shaking it off, throwing @Butch_BDB into the wall, punching him in the face.* Snap out of it, O’Neal!

Butch: *Hearing @JoseTheCop_BDB’s voice, but it sounds so far away. The sudden fist in my face brings me back to the present.*

Butch: *Blinking, eyes coming into focus on @JoseTheCop_BDB and he doesn’t look happy. Looking down at my hands.*

Butch: *They’re trembling and covered in blood. Not my blood.*

Jose: *Confident that @Butch_BDB is regaining his senses, stepping over the guy bleeding out on the floor.*

Jose: *Calling for back up, checking the now unconscious guy for a wallet. Finding one, the name on the ID matching that from the DNA test.*

Jose: *Thank fuck this is actually our guy.  If @Butch_BDB did this to an innocent, he’d be off the force for sure.  Even now his future is shaky.*

Jose: *turning back to @Butch_BDB* What the fuck where you thinking?! You could have killed him! You would have if I didn’t show!

Butch: *bloody hands still shaking, reaching into my pocket for a pack of smokes* @JoseTheCop_BDB I don’t know, man, I just… snapped. Just lost it.

Jose: The guy attacked you, right? A reaction like this could not have been unprovoked, @Butch_BDB.

Butch: *opening my mouth to speak* @JoseTheCop_BDB

Jose: @Butch_BDB No. No, I don’t want to know. That’s what we’re going to tell the captain, no matter what.

Butch: @JoseTheCop_BDB You’d cover for me like that?

Jose: @Butch_BDB Someone’s gotta look after your ass. You’re too good a cop to lose over something like this.

Jose: @Butch_BDB But man, you gotta start going back to the shrink. There is something wrong with you.

Butch: *As much as I hate to admit it, @JoseTheCop_BDB is right. I despise the force’s doctor but the sessions do me some good.* Okay, I’ll go.

Jose: @Butch_BDB Then I’ll cover for you. As long as you get yourself some help. And you can’t do this again.

Butch: *Hearing sirens in the distance, forcing myself to get my shit together before this place is swarming with uniforms.*

Butch: @JoseTheCop_BDB You called for backup? We need to get our story straight before they get here.

Jose: *Listening to @Butch_BDB tell me what happened before the attack, adding in the part where the guy jumped him first* #BDB

Butch: *Bullshitting my way through the details, seeing Janie’s face as clear as day in the back of my mind.* #BDB #vampires


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